What makes us different?

Are you tired of the widespread practice of web shops not keeping stock and just acting as proxies? Listing thousands of products with generic photos and description only to order them from suppliers after you place an order? Are you tired of waiting for your order to be shipped for weeks and in the end not knowing what exactly are you going to receive?

So are we.

As passionate SQ car audio nerds we decided that it's time for a better service to exist. A shop where you know what you're buying, where all photos are of the real products that are actually stocked in an actual warehouse operated by said shop. Where all product information contains actual real data, tested and measured. Where recommendations are based on actual experience, not driven by excel spreadsheets.

Welcome to our humble shop - based in Southeastern Europe we stock the products we sell and ship them within 1 business day after an order is placed. We work with DHL Express for their unparalelled service quality for hassle-free, fast worldwide shipping. And for orders above 499.00 EUR the shipping is FREE!

We take our own photos and videos of every product we sell in our own studio. We test every speaker for its real T/S parameters. We try out every amplifier to know if it's worth it or not. We believe that real life information is important, not the generic data most manufacturers provide.

We do all that, so you don't have to guess. So you don't have to wait. So you don't have to have your patience tested by a random commission agent on the internet.

Have a nice stay and don't hesitate to get in touch. We're happy to help to the best of our ability - SQ is our passion after all...